About Transferendum

We provide language solutions and support you on the best methods for handling all types of files and content to help you through the process of translating your documents or electronic content. We are dedicated to getting you through every project as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

With more than 20 years of experience, we are here to help you communicate to the world in any language. Transferendum is a leader in translation, localisation and interpreting solutions for businesses and organisations large and small. 

We are not a large corporation, we are a small dedicated team of professionals and linguists doing what we love, merging talent and technology with great customer service and quality linguists. 

Although we are not a large corporation, we have developed and built a complete end to end customer management solution and translation management system and we manage and organise a very large pool of linguistic human resources to support all your language needs whatever language you require.

Our clients span the entire spectrum of industry, government and professional services. We have extensive experience across many industries, from pharmaceutical, engineering, manufacturing, airlines, legal, financial and healthcare.

We manage bulk workflows for ongoing projects and we can integrate our processes into your content management systems and document workflow and archive systems. Or integrate into your website or an intranet to handle your text. There isn’t always a need to integrate everything when it is not necessary and we like to keep things simple so we can deliver your solutions as efficiently as possible. 

Translation is not a ‘one size fits all’ industry, we tailor bespoke solutions to meet your individual needs. We work with you through every detail to create the best outcomes for every problem you need a language solution for. 

We handle individual once-off, small jobs, providing the same value for money that you get from large projects, so no job is too small. 

We support your entire business process whenever you need it from HR , sales support, sourcing overseas suppliers, legal department, international finance. 

We offer the same professional service for any project for  almost any language you can think of.

We pride ourselves on how we have integrated Human quality and Human processes into our digital age expectations and we want to bring that experience and these benefits to you. 

Our processes are integrated securely and privately so that your data is handled confidentially in accordance with GDPR and ISO27001 data security processes.  We work with experienced, qualified translators and we operate an EN17100 certified translation management system and we are an ISO9000 certified organisation.

Your projects, large or small, will benefit from a personal touch by our team to ensure high quality communication and a managed solution for your language projects. Reach out to us directly at any time to speak to one of us.