DTP Translation

If you need your translated content to look and feel exactly as the original, the best option for you may be our Desktop Publishing Translation. 

Desktop Publishing (DTP) translation adapts all the visual elements on the document to multiple languages, by replacing the source text with the accurate translation in such a way that the layout of the publications is preserved. 

We can handle a wide variety of source files, websites and software code, to provide multilingual desktop publishing, formatting and typesetting.

Supported Formats & Documents

We work with all major design platforms, like Adobe PageMaker, InDesign, Photoshop, QuarkXpress, as well as most word-processing formats.


Furthermore, we also work with EPS files, PDF files, JPEG files or even vector graphics files to make your copy ready to use in print, web and mobile formats.


We can manage different kinds of products like:


  • Product packaging and product labels: Product packaging and labels translations, involves more than simply translating the name of the product. All the elements of the products need to be adjusted for the local audience in terms of customers, clients and regulations. We can also help you with transcreation and localisation services. Check here our best tips for a successful translation of product packaging and labels. 
  • Product Manuals & Instruction books: A product manual should be precise and free of errors and misspellings. A well translated product manual will allow not only the user to enjoy all the functionalities of the product but also will create trust and loyalty with your brand. 
  • Company brochures & reports: Company brochures and reports are used as important tools for marketing and external and internal compliance. Generally they include several images and graphics along with important information. It is crucial for these documents not only to maintain the written information accurately but also all the information that is included in the graphics and images. Financial reports in particular include several information in graphics that needs to be not only accurately translated but also localised for the target audience. Check here our best practices tips so your documents are prepared for multilingual content. 
  • Website: We offer website translation and multilingual SEO to help you to reach your multilingual audiences efficiently and effectively, keeping your original message but localised to the new market.
  • Other
    • Business Cards : Make sure to include different alphabets to avoid misspellings in the target language
    • Other marketing initiatives. 


No matter how good a translation is, when you need to maintain the visual elements to communicate the right message, the translation alone may not be the best solution. 

Copy-pasting the translated content is not only time-consuming but also your designers might not be aware of the conventions of the target language, leading to confusions and mistakes, preventing you from delivering the intended message.

If you want to have your files ready for multilingual content look into the best practices that we have prepared for you here

How we do it

Our dedicated group of experts is aware of the challenges of DPT and we can provide a cost efficient solution by combining: translation, DPT and LSO (linguistic sign off) to guarantee a publishable end product that maintains the integrity of your message. 

  • We adjust the length of the text to the design layout. 

  • We review and modify punctuation, currency and date format can vary from country to country, to maintain the original message to your particular audience. 

  • We control every part of the process to ensure the quality of the translation and the original design layout. 

We are aware of the challenges you might encounter when translating your content, that’s why we can offer you an efficient and effective service where the deliverables are ready to be published, saving you time and effort, so you can fully focus on growing your business.