Considerations for Product Packaging and Labels Translation

Expanding to new markets can be exciting and rewarding but when it comes to adjust your content to you new audiences you need to have some things in consideration to transmit your message to a new audience in a integer manner

The product packaging and labels can have a huge impact in the customer purchase decision.  You want to keep the design layout as much as possible to the original when you translate the content. A great-looking packaging and labels with the right content, free from linguistic and cultural errors creates a positive first impression when you approach a new market. Here we give you the best tips to succeed:

Local Regulations

When it comes to products, especially edibles, pharmaceuticals and makeup, there might be local regulations to follow, in terms of the information you need to display to commercialise your products in the intended market.

These regulations might come in terms of content, languages to display the information, colour and font size. These regulations can have a significant impact not only on your design layout but also in your ability to be able to commercialise that particular intended marketing.

Localised marketing

Different markets can have different associations to colours, images and symbols. Also you need to be aware that your new market competitors might be using different colours, names and slogans that may need not only a new design layout for the new market, but also to consider the legal aspects and trademarks necessary to succeed in your internationalisation process.

Consider transcreation with an expert

When it comes to translate your content to a new target market, it is not recommended to rely on automated translators. New markets might require not only the content simply translated, but also adjusted in terms of punctuation, currency and concepts.


We know that starting in a new market might not be an easy task, but having an attractive design that comply with the local regulations and culture can save you time and money and will increase your chances to succeed in a new market. 


As your translation department we want you to be successful in your new endeavour and we can help you with all the parts of the process. Give us a call for a free quote.